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What Our Clients and Customers Are Saying About Us
"I'm a new inspector who started my little one-man operation on January 3rd of this year. In the last 18 days, I've done 21 inspections. My next inspection will be number 99. I'm not bragging. I'm a little surprised more than anything. But the last three weeks has been really awesome. I've made mistakes and spent a lot of money in places that haven't produced a return. The thing I'm most thankful for is The Savvy Inspector. Joining has changed the game for me. I still have a long way to go but I sincerely appreciate this community and what happens here. "
-By Ricky Ray, Texas Pro Home Inspection 
"TSI is the best investment you can make. I started with Safe Harbor Inspections a year ago with no knowledge about home inspections. I followed Ken Compton's advice to a tee from the meeting last year in Texas. We added 4 inspectors since and met all the growth expectations by month 7. They are amazing! TSI is the best investment you can make in your business. "

-By Patricia Polenze, Safe Harbor Inspections
"Thanks TSI! All the good stuff I get from Ken Compton, Malcolm Godwin and William on the courses are true gold nuggets! Couldn't have done it without you guys and TSI! "
-By Luis Ubinas, Genesis Home Inspections
"Great marketing information, timely industry info and strategies, and great overall group of folks to network with! "
-By Joseph Ziolkowski, On Target Home Inspection 
"My home inspection business was a side gig for me until I found a Savvy Inspector article on marketing mistakes home Inspectors make. I was making all of them! So I tried it out and 2 years later, we have 2 inspectors, a marketing rep and a schedule with huge goals for 2019. The Savvy Inspector has helped us dream bigger and take action to grow our business and improve our lives!
- By Brandon Goff
I'm looking Great information, nice people, great leadership by Ken. It is nice having the support of TSI because you can get eaten alive by this business without some kind of support. Thank you TSI!
- By BJ Lange
The Savvy Inspector has given me the education and direction to become the business owner I need to be to strengthen our Inspection Service company and employees. With the products and services they offer to those ready to implement, your business can grow as much or more than you can imagine. You must be ready to work hard in your business and for the future growth of your business. The Savvy Inspector has guided me in creating the Blue Prints for the company. I know that with The Savvy Inspector and their service to me as a business owner, I am well prepared for future challenges and the growth of your services.
- By Gordon Law
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